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Welcome to The Old Boys

Our website is for The Old Boys, a group of like minded blokes, seriously into our motorcycles. Register to join us, then either subscribe or become one of The Good Old Boys.

Money raised from website subscriptions enables The Old Boys Motorcycle Workshop & Café to invest more into providing greater and better facilities, events, and entertainment for us all to enjoy, so the more support we receive from people joining us and subscribing means The Old Boys have better resources to be made available. A tenner a month is equivalent to a couple of pints of beer, help us to help you!

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“Registration” provides limited access to the website, you will be missing out on so much more available as a Subscriber or if you go all in, as one of “The Good Old Boys”, including discounts on bike parts, workshop, Café and priority access.

Subscribe:  £10.00 a month

  • Unrestricted access to the whole of the website 
  • 20% discount of the cost of advertising your motorcycle for sale at The Old Boys.
  • 10% discount on any of The Old Boys merchandising 
  • Discounts on buying parts and other products from our various partners in The Old Boys Shop.

The Good Old Boys: £30.00 a month – Go all in & join the team

  • Free entry to The Old Boys National Lottery syndicate (£10.00)
  • Free entry to the monthly “Foxhunt” (£10.00) win 50% of the pot!
  • Half price motorcycle advertising on The Old Boys website (save £25.00)
  • 20% discount on any of The Old Boys merchandising
  • One free hot drink – Friday Bike Night
  • Free hot drink for every £10.00 you spend on food any time
  • Free access to all events (avoid the queues and cover charge)
  • Priority notice to ride outs, special overnight events, fund raising events
  • Free use of bar game facilities (ie Pool)
  • Saving (approx) £70.00 a Month

What is The Old Boys website?

The Old Boys Motorcycle Workshop and Café, is a new network and online platform for guys over 50 who have a little in common in that we are all just a little bit crazy about motorcycles, this platform offers a network to connect blokes with other likeminded blokes to provide purpose and bring to the table massive resources for the common good. A place to create and finish projects that you started 15 years ago, recruit skills and get involved, source parts, get and offer advice, or just rock up to an event being held at one of our ever expanding network of hang-outs around the UK and overseas where there’s always a hot mug of tea and our famous belly busting bacon bap!

We are grumpy old men, life today has a way of making you that way, but there’s so much more we can do together, and the talent and experience a bunch of 50+ grumpy buggers have is astonishing when focused to create projects that generate funds for a good cause, while at the same time creating a purpose and an opportunity in exchange for depression.

The Old Boys ride again!